KNK calls on international community to protest trustee policy

The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan National Congress- KNK issued a statement to condemn the appointment of trustee to 8 more HDP-run municipalities.

The KNK said in a statement that "The anti-Kurdish ‘evil’ that marks the core of Turkish political establishment" doesn't stop even in these times of coronavirus.

The KNK reminded that the AKP ordered the dismissal of 8 HDP-run Kurdish municipalities in the past few days: Batman (city center of the province of Batman), Silvan, Ergani, Lice, and Eğil (four districts of Diyarbakir), Güroymak (district of Bitlis), Gökçebağ (town in Siirt), and Halfeli (town in Iğdır).

The KNK reminded that "Just like in the previous cases, there is of course no court decision for these new detentions and trustee appointments. The charges raised against these mayors are unsurprising – 'supporting terrorism'."

The KNK called upon "the international community to raise their voice and take immediate action against these unlawful and racist policies of the Turkish government whose shamelessness seems to have no limits and best reveals itself in such attacks on the Kurds even during a highly fatal global pandemic."