KNK condemns Armenia for “attempting to demolish the Armenian-Kurdish friendship bridge"

The KNK said that the Armenian government's handing over of two guerrilla fighters to the Turkish state was an attempt to demolish the friendship bridge between the Kurdish and Armenian people.

The People's Defence Forces (HPG) announced on September 24 that Kurdish revolutionaries "Leheng and Alişer" had been extradited from Armenia to Turkey.

HPG stated that, “Comrades Leheng and Alişer encountered forces of the Armenian state in the border area with Armenia in August 2021 and acted prudently to prevent a negative situation. However, they were arrested, detained and charged. Our friends fought legally and were brought before the Armenian Court of Appeal on 23 February 2022, which decided to release them. According to international and Armenian law, they should have been released. Instead, they were abducted and detained by the Armenian secret service. Although they were promised release after initiatives were taken, they were extradited from Armenia to Turkey about a month ago," the HPG said.

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Executive Council released a statement condemning the Armenian government for handing over two guerrillas to the Turkish state, saying that it was a "betrayal to the Kurdish and Armenian people and human values".

The KNK statement released on Monday includes the following:

“After Yerevan handed over two Kurdish fighters to the Turkish state, Kurdish organizations and friends of the Kurds stepped into action to obtain information about the fighters in question and to ensure their release. The situation of Leheng and Alisêr was also addressed by the KNK, which took action to establish a dialogue and ask for the release of the two fighters. However, as the Armenian state authorities tried to spread false information through some people, our attempts to establish a dialogue ended up unsuccessful.

It turned out not long after that the Pashinyan government established undue relations with the Turkish state and made immoral and inhumane agreements over these fighters, handing them over to the Turkish intelligence service MIT.

With this vicious move, Armenian intelligence has become a henchman of the MIT. The Pashinyan government has thus betrayed the Kurdish and Armenian people and human values. Moreover, the Pashinyan government has approved the 2015 genocide against the Armenian people with this attitude and became a partner with the invaders of Karabakh. At the same time, this attitude is an attempt to demolish the friendship bridge between the Kurdish and Armenian people.

On this occasion, we strongly condemn the Armenian government. We urge the Armenian people to stand against this treacherous government and save Armenia from traitors as soon as possible.”