KONGRA GEL calls on people to step up resistance

We owe everything to Leader Apo, and now is the time to do everything we can for his freedom. This is the time for resistance, said KONGRA GEL.

KONGRA GEL Co-presidency Council commended in a written statement, HDP deputy Leyla Güven who is on hunger strike to demand the end of the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

KONGRA GEL said: “We invite all our comrades to join the resistance action initiated by Leyla Güven.”

KONGRA GEL urged people to raise resistance in all areas of life and added: “Leyla Güven started to lead the resistance struggle of our people to break the absolute isolation regime imposed on President Apo in Imrali.”

Leyla Güven, added the statement “has once again been proved that the Kurdish women are the vanguard force of the revolution and when it comes to fight for the freedom of Leader Apo and the achievement of free life.”

The statement continued: “As in Northern and Eastern Syria, where women opened the way to the defeat of DAESH and the construction of peoples' democratic confederalism revolution, in Turkey Leyla Güven made the first step to smash fascism and the first steps in the construction of democracy by initiating her struggle to break the isolation imposed on Imrali.”

Leyla Güven, said the statement, claimed that she was inspired in her action by those who died for life in 1982 in Amed prison, the same jail where she is held hostage, recalled the KONGRA GEL statement.

“Leyla Güven represents the will of the entire Kurdistan people against Imrali isolation as co-chair of the DTK and Hakkari people. Leyla Güven's resistance against isolation has spread everywhere, from all jails where hunger strikes are being carried out by PKK and PAJK freedom prisoners, to North-South-Rojava Kurdistan and abroad where our people are carrying out a variety of actions.

We salute Leyla Güven and all our people and our comrades resisting against the isolation imposed in Imralı.”

Finding a solution before Leyla Güven’s life is put in danger…

The KONGRA GEL statement continued: “Our most basic urgent task as people living in the four parts of Kurdistan as well as abroad is to create strong public pressure on Erdoğan government. We shall do this by increasing the resistance in all areas of life with the spirit of mobilization in order to break the isolation on the leader Apo, as the hunger strikes demand.”

Leyla Güven’s health and life were increasingly at risk as she entered the 31st day of fast, said the statement, adding: “People must step up the struggle in order to achieve a solution without putting Leyla’s life at further risk.”

This is the time for resistance

The statement continued: “Leader Apo devoted his entire life to the freedom of our people, devoted himself to the freedom of women, and devoted himself to the creation of a free and equal life for all humankind. We owe everything to Leader Apo, and now is the time to do everything we can for his freedom.

Leyla Güven and all our resisting comrades invite us to the resistance.”

KONGRA GEL ended the statement by calling on “our people to break the isolation imposed on Imrali. ‘Let us destroy fascism in Turkey, let’s win democracy in Kurdistan’, this is the slogan of the resistance everywhere. This is the time for resistance.”