Kurds in France urge Macron to address the Kurdish issue at Baghdad Conference

The Kurdish Democratic Council in France urged French President Macron to give particular importance to the Kurdish issue and the Yazidi issue at the conference to be held in Baghdad on August 28.

In a written statement the Kurdish Democratic Council in France (CDK-F) said that “an important regional conference will be held in Baghdad on August 28 amid a deep crisis in the Middle East. New historic agreements are expected to be signed during the conference which will be co-organized with Paris.”


“We express our concern over this conference and call on President Emmanuel Macron not to forget the will of the Kurdish people,” the statement said and continued:

"Since April 23, Turkey has been carrying out a new military operation aimed at occupying the Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) region. Turkey aims to conceal its invasion ambitions by allying with the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) and tries to portray this operation as a war against the PKK. However, this operation represents Turkey’s expansionist ambitions as in Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh, Libya, Cyprus or the Eastern Mediterranean.

In line with its paradigm shift, the PKK is trying to resolve the solution of the Kurdish problem based on a territorial integrity of the four existing states where the Kurdish people live. Despite the numerous unilateral ceasefires declared by the PKK and its desire to resolve the Kurdish issue through dialogue, the Turkish governments have in turn rejected all attempts for a peaceful solution. Most recently, the Erdogan government has launched a large-scale and bloody genocidal operation aimed at annihilating the Kurdish people and all their achievements by abandoning the peace process and imposing an aggravated isolation on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan who led this process.

Erdogan's Turkey seized hundreds of Kurdish municipalities by appointing trustees, dismissed numerous Kurdish parliamentarians and co-mayors, arrested tens of thousands of Kurds and occupied Afrin, Azaz, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê regions in northern Syria. Thousands of Kurds were killed by Turkish bombings, and Turkish army bombed hospitals in Shengal and Afrin. Moreover, Turkey cooperated with ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and all jihadist organizations to destabilize the Middle East and Europe. Turkey has armed, financed and supported ISIS and Al Qaeda in their atrocious attacks on the civilian population. Turkey supported these jihadist groups to commit genocide against the Yazidi Kurds in Shengal.

Turkey is an indispensable ally of the world powers, but also an indispensable ally of ISIS and Al-Qaeda.


By imposing on its allies a war that is not theirs, Turkey is forcing these powers, especially France, to support its campaign to exterminate the Kurdish people. It is clear that silence towards Turkish abuses turns into support and encouragement for Turkey.

However, it is not difficult to understand that the forces targeted and bombed by Turkey from Afrin to Qandil in Kurdistan are the same forces that fought and defeated ISIS.


France should not forget its former allies. France and the whole world should not forget that they owe the PKK, which fought against ISIS in the name of humanity.

The Middle East is no longer that of 1916, the Kurds are no longer those of 1923 and the PKK is no longer that of the 1990s. Therefore, the Kurdish question cannot be resolved by excluding the PKK, which represents the overwhelming part of this people, from the political sphere.

It is time for France and the international powers to make an effort for a serious solution to the Kurdish question. The solution of the Kurdish question can only be realized through inclusive dialogue. Excluding the PKK from the political sphere will mean excluding tens of millions of Kurds who support it.

Therefore, we call on the French President to give special importance to the Kurdish question and the Yazidi question at this conference. The recognition of the autonomous administration of Shengal will be the only way to secure the stabilization of Shengal and the return of the Yazidis to their lands.

We also call on relevant political organizations to show their support for the Kurdish people on the eve of this highly important conference.”