Kurds in solidarity with the people of Italy

In response to an appeal by the Kurdish umbrella organisation KCDK-E, messages of solidarity for the people in Italy were spread in the social media.

Italy is one of the countries most severely affected by the corona pandemic. The Kurdish umbrella organisation KCDK-E called on the Kurdish people to show solidarity with the people of Italy on Wednesday.

Many people in Italy responded to the call and hung banners and signs with messages of solidarity on windows and balconies. At the same time the Kurdish version of the partisan song "Bella Ciao" was played. The messages of solidarity were spread through the social media.

In Scandinavia, the campaign was taken up by the Kurdish women's movement. On self-painted signs in Kurdish and Italian, messages such as "The Kurdish people stand on the side of Italy", "Solidarity means resistance", "No return to normality because normality is the problem", "Health is a fundamental right" and "Let's stay at home" were conveyed.