Long March activists on their way to Düsseldorf

Fourth day of the five-day march for Abdullah Öcalan in Germany.

Around 120 Kurdish and internationalist young activists from Germany, France, Switzerland, England, Belgium and other European countries are taking part in a five-day march from Bonn to Cologne demanding freedom for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan. The march is held under the motto “Together with Rêber Apo destroy colonialism”.

On Tuesday, tensions arose after racist Turkish provocations and police crackdown on Troisdorf-Cologne phase of the march. 4 of the activists were taken into custody during the incidents and these were released by the police only after being banned from participating in the march.

Bans and obstructions by the German police continued on thethird day as well. Police anounced banning the slogans ‘Bijî Serok Apo’ (Long Live Leader Öcalan), ‘Bijî PKK’ (Long Live PKK) and ‘Bijî Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan’ (Long Live Kurdistan Workers’ Party).

The fourth stage of the march has kicked off in Leverkusen earlier today. The activists are expected to reach Düsseldorf in the evening.

Repressive measures of the German police continue since the launch of the march. Banning many slogans and symbols, the German police detained many activists who protested racist provocations during the past three days. While those detained were released on condition of not participating in the march, the activists continue their action despite provocations and police repression.