Make Rojava Green Again tour of presentations in the Netherlands

Activists of Make Rojava Green Again have made presentations on Rojava and their ecological works in the last days in different cities in the Netherlands.

Three activists of Make Rojava Green Again did a tour of presentations in the Netherlands from February 22 until 25. In each of the presentations an introduction to Rojava and Democratic Confederalism was followed by presenting the internationalist perspective of the Revolution in Rojava. As one example for the work done by internationalists in Rojava, the campaign Make Rojava Green Again was introduced. The presentations ended with an evaluation of the current military and political situation, by an internationalist who has been in Rojava during the latest attacks. He also talked about the importance of rising up for Rojava and what the actions of solidarity mean to the people of Northern Syria

All four presentations, in the cities of Nijmegen, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, took place in houses which have been squatted before and are now legalized. Also for the people living in these houses the struggle and example of self-organization was very interesting. Besides this many more people from leftist circles and also the Kurdish Community joined the events. In that way it also opened a space for the Dutch and international leftists to meet Kurdish families and activities. Some met for the first time and are planning further activities together.

Especially the event in Utrecht was very well attended. The “Barricade” collective organised a whole day of workshops and talks on Kurdistan. In the morning a seminar on Social Ecology and Democratic Confederalism was given by Make Rojava Green Again and activists from the climate justice movement attended. Then in the afternoon Kurdish friends from Bakur (Northern Kurdistan) talked of the change of paradigm within the Kurdish Freedom Movement and the building up of Democratic Autonomy in Northern Kurdistan. This was followed by a talk on Social Ecology by an activist from Belgium. The event ended with the talk on Internationalism and Rojava by Make Rojava Green Again.

After the presentations there was room for many discussions. There were many questions in regard to the current political situation and some on the revolution in Kurdistan in general. It became clear that within the Dutch left there is not so much knowledge on the Revolution in Kurdistan. For some people the topic was totally new, many have been inspired and want to get further into it. In the following weeks there will be also collective ways to follow up on the topic.