March in Brussels called on everyone to act

In the morning, Kurds and their friends from many neighboring countries began to gather in Brussels’ Gare du Nord.

People from western cities of France, Central Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium joined the demonstration organised by the Congress of the Kurdish Democratic Society of Europe (KCDK-E) in Brussels on Wednesday.

Organisers said that thousands of people joined the protest demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and to support the hunger strike in Europe, Kurdistan and Turkey.

Opening the march was a giant banner reading ‘Freedom for Öcalan’ followed by banners with photographs of Öcalan and the hunger strikers.

MLKP and HDK-A members were also in the march as were HDP members in exile.

Activists moved through the city center chanting slogans and passed in front of Gare Central, the central railway station to reach the Royal Library. Here, a sit-in took place and then the march continued up to the European Parliament building.

Kartal: Resistance should be stepped up until results are achieved

The activists reached the Schuman square, where the European Commission and Council of Europe buildings are located after a two-hour march.

Speaking during the rally, KONGRA-GEL co-chair Remzi Kartal pointed out the action taken by the hunger strikers and the solidarity with the activists and said: “These are sacred actions. But until the isolation is broken, the resistance should be increased until the result is achieved.”

Stating that the Turkish regime is actually at a dead end, Kartal added: “Our priority now is the hunger strike but we will give a big lesson to the AKP regime in the next local elections. But for now we must give voice to the hunger strikers.”

Addressing the European institutions, Kartal said: “The Council of Europe should step out and put pressure on Turkey.”

Kartal added: “If isolation is defeated, fascism will be defeated," and added that the Turkish state is unable to carry out this war.

Dilek Öcalan: We can’t be silent

Former MP Dilek Öcalan, who is on hunger strike in Strasbourg, addressed the crowd from the French city via phone. Öcalan greeted the people in the area and said: “We will not end our action until isolation is lifted.”

Öcalan said deaths should be prevented and that this will be achieved through the struggle.

Describing the silence of the European countries as unacceptable, Öcalan said: “We owe it to our Leader. These hunger strikes represent a stage (...) We don't want our friends to lose their lives. At this stage, no one can be silent. A new step must be taken. This is possible through struggle. The Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) has shown its ugly face. It did not stand up against torture and remained silent.”

Öcalan added: “Our goal is to end isolation. To end the isolation is to defend freedom. We cannot call ourselves free if we don’t end isolation. We cannot call ourselves human.”

Kemalizade: This is a historic process

Tahir Kemalizade spoke on behalf of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) and said that this action is important and it aims to support hunger strikes.

"This is a historic process for us”, he said, adding that the freedom of the Kurdish people in all four parts passed through the freedom of Öcalan.

Kemalizade, who stated that the process that started with the hunger strikes was a test for the Kurds, called on everyone to join the struggle.