Medico International calls for emergency aid for Afrin's victims

The Health Council of Afrin asked Medico International for assistance in the care of the victims of the illegal Turkish attacks on Afrin and Rojava.

Medico International asked for support and donations for emergency medical aid in Afrin. Medico stated that the "Health Council of Afrin has asked Medico International for assistance in the care of the victims of Turkey's attacks on Afrin and Rojava in violation of the international law."

Further, in the call for support, the doctors at the hospital in Afrin voiced fear over “a humanitarian tragedy" and said: "We do not have enough medicine. We do what we can, but soon our supplies will be used up. "

"The Turkish attack on the Kurdish canton of Afrin in northern Syria has left over 60 civilians dead. More than 150 were already injured by air strikes and artillery fire. People in rural areas are vulnerable to the attacks. Victims are taken from the surrounding villages by ambulance to the hospital in Afrin - it is the only one in the region. The paramedics complain that they too have been targeted. Health stations now have to be set up in hiding," explained Medico International, pointing out that the local population urgently needs support.

So far, about 12,000 people have signed the petition of medico international against Germany’s tank deal with Turkey. ( ) This makes it clear "how high the rejection of arms deliveries to Turkey is," said Medico.

Medico International will hand over the petition to the new Foreign Minister after the conclusion of the government formation and demand an end to the arms deal with Turkey.