Mexican President opens the box of justice and truth

New Mexican President’s first decree set up truth commission for the young students of Ayotzinapa, disappeared while in police custody in 2014.

With a public, but also very private and intimate, ceremony newly appointed President of Mexico, Antonio Manuel López Obrador, announced his first public presidential decree.

He did saw in the presence of the relatives of the 43 young students disappeared-killed in Ayotzinapa on the night between 26 and 27 September, 2014.

The decree was to set up a special and multilateral commission of investigation, truth and responsibility on that horrible crime in which the State has been evading responsibilities and denying its evident implication.

Beyond the symbolic, López Obrador made clear that the Executive Power would not interfere in any way in the final results, and that it will assume the decision taken by the commission, which will be conformed not only by the police and military authorities, but also by the relatives of the disappeared students and experts and investigators accredited, both Mexican and foreign, as well as organizations defending human rights.

The parents speaking on behalf of the relatives present at the event, only asked the President, in emotional words, to establish the truth and responsibilities and the return the remains of their children thrown in a “garbage dump” where they were shot and murdered.

There is already a large group of people accused directly of the kidnapping and brutal murder of the young students: local and federal police, the then local authorities, while there are very serious indications of the participation of Army personnel in the facts and their cover-up.

All of them are related to drug trafficking and regional mafias.
The message of the new President has been very clear and is directed especially at the narco and its intimate and extended relations with regional politicians and their ramifications in the police and military forces, that is, with the State itself.