Names of two fallen SDF fighters published

The SDF published the names of two fallen fighters. Mehmûd Kobanê was killed in an operation against ISIS in Hesekê, and Ronî Serhad was killed in an attack by Turkish jihadist occupation forces on Ain Issa.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the death of their fighters Mehmûd Kobanê and Ronî Serhad. "The sacrifice of our fighters guarantees the stability and security of the region against terror and occupation," the statement said.

Mehmûd Kobanê's real name was Mehmûd Hemze and he died on July 21, 2021, during an operation against ISIS in Hesekê. He joined the liberation struggle eight years ago and participated in all offensives against the Turkish-Islamist occupation. Most recently, he was a member of the anti-terrorist units. The SDF described him as a selfless and brave fighter who defended his people and his country until the last moment of his life.

Ronî Serhad (Ridwan Tot) was killed in an attack by Turkish occupation forces in Ain Issa on July 19. The SDF wrote about him, "Despite the difficult conditions, Ronî Serhad was an example of heroism, fighting spirit and resistance."

The SDF offered their condolences to the families and stated that the struggle of the fallen continues.