Nasr Alliance MP: “Iraq will retaliate against Turkey militarily if necessary”

An Iraqi MP from the Nasr Alliance, Eqel Al-Radayini, said that the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi soil is against the law. He added that Iraq would retaliate against Turkey militarily if necessary.

The Turkish invasion attacks on South Kurdistan (North Iraq) in cooperation with the ruling KDP continue unabated. While Turkish forces target villages, towns and civilians on a daily basis, the Kurdistan Region and Iraqi governments remain silent towards the brutal aggression.

An Iraqi deputy from the Nasr (Victory) Alliance spoke to South Kurdistan-based RojNews agency about the attacks of the invading Turkish state. Al-Radayini said that no solution has been offered by Iraq to halt the Turkish attacks that are escalating. He remarked that all foreign forces, including the US and Turkey should withdraw their troops from Iraqi soil.

The Iraqi deputy pointed out that the presence of foreign forces on Iraqi soil should be in accordance with the laws and diplomatic conventions, yet the presence of Turkish forces is against Iraqi laws and constitution.

Recalling the Iraqi parliament’s decision to remove the Turkish forces from Iraqi territory, the deputy continued: “The Iraqi Parliament's decision for foreign forces to leave the Iraqi territory was introduced but was not implemented. The Iraqi government should not turn a blind eye to the military violations of the Turkish state.”

Al-Radayini stated that a significant part of the Turkish occupation activities is taking place in regions controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

“Iraq must demonstrate its influence in the economic and political arena, and it will retaliate against Turkey militarily to protect its land and people, if necessary,” the Iraqi MP added.