National Education Union demands freedom for Abdullah Öcalan at its Congress

The National Education Union, one of Britain's largest and most prestigious unions, declared its support for the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Campaign and closed its congress this year with a call for freedom for Abdullah Öcalan.

The demand for freedom for Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan is growing around Europe.

The answer to the millions pouring into the squares during the 50 Years Newroz came from the National Education Union in Britain with 500,000 members.

The British National Education Union (NEU) declared its support for the Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan Campaign, which is based in Britain and led by the British Trade Union Movement.

Thousands of education worker delegates stood up with “Freedom for Öcalan” posters at the union's congress held on Wednesday.

At the congress, the council invited thousands of delegates to stand up together for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan. In the congress hall, 1,700 delegates simultaneously lifted Abdullah Öcalan's photos saying "Freedom for Ocalan" and demanded his freedom.

The congress is being carried out in the city of Bournemouth.

The NEU union is known to have around 500,000 members across Britain.