Nephew of Dereli: The soldiers shot my uncle

The nephew of Şerali Dereli, who was murdered by Turkish soldiers in the town of Esendere, said: “They shot my uncle with a gun. My uncle was a 60-year-old man and had no fault."

Şerali Dereli was murdered in the the village of Awyan (Duranlar) in Yüksekova, province of Hakkari on 29 October, while going to look after his horse and foal in the barn 50 meters away from his home.

According to Mezopotamya Agency, images of what happened after the incident were obtained.

According to the report, the body of Şerali Dereli, who was murdered by soldiers, was covered with military camouflage and the soldiers stood around the body with long-barrelled weapons.

It is stated that a person speaking in the footages and understood to be Dereli's nephew used the following expressions: “That is my uncle lying on the ground. They shot my uncle 20-30 meters above the village (showing the lights of the village). It will be on the news tomorrow; they will say that C-4 explosives were found in his hand. But my uncle is a 60-year-old man and had no fault."

The person on the video, while going to collect the body, stated that they were also fired at with guns and gas.

Many armed soldiers are seen in the video while Dereli's relatives are heard screaming.