Norwegian Red Party youth branch protested Turkey aggression

The Norwegian Red Party's youth organization Central Executive Board condemned the Turkish state invasion of northern Syria and demanded the immediate withdrawal of troops.

In a written statement published on the Internet, the Youth organisation of the Norwegian Red Party condemned the Turkish state invasion of northern Syria.

The statement issued a harsh criticism of Turkey attacks while at the same time condemned NATO and the United States.

Since the establishment of the Turkish state Kurds were exposed to heavy pressure and a policy of assimilation, said the statement, adding that Turkey is continuing to wage its war against the PKK and now the PYD in North Syria.

The statement said that after the 31 March local elections Erdogan tried to avoid addressing its party's defeat by turning the attention on Syria.

"The US and Turkey have no rights in Syria. - said the statement - Both the presence of American bases in Syria as well as Turkey occupation are crimes according to international law. We, as communists and anti-imperialists, defend the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination."

Condemning the invasion of the Turkish state the Red Youth listed their demands as follows:

"US and Turkey must immediately withdraw from Syria.

Norway must accept the Kurds' right to self-determination.

Turkey should release all political prisoners.

The Syrian Government and the Syrian Democratic Forces must sit at the peace table.

Norway should condemn Turkey occupation of northern Syria.

Norway should stop all arms sales and military equipment to Turkey."