Parisian gesture for Erdogan: Kurdish politician arrested

Kurdish politician Ahmet Kaya was arresed on trumped up charges before Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Paris.

Kurdish politician Ahmet Kaya was detained in Paris on Thursday. Kaya was taken to the court on Friday and was accused of travelling to the UK, Germany and Turkey - but he doesn’t have a passport.


Kaya’s landlord has denied allegations that the residency certificate had a forged signature. The landlord told the police that he signed the certificate in person, but the forgery allegation was still used as evidence.

Kaya was accused of travelling to Bodrum, Turkey for summer vacations along with his “wife and children” and was imprisoned. Kaya is not married and has no children.


Kaya has been a political asylum seeker in France since 2006, and he had spent years in prison in Turkey before. He is currently on a Turkish state wanted list due to his outstanding sentences.

Similarly, Kaya was detained and arrested in France for his political stance in 2011. He has been on trial in France as well.

The case was concluded last year and Kaya was subjected to Terror Suspect Profiling.

Kaya can only leave France’s territory with explicit permission from legal authorities for 10 years. Kaya does not have a passport.

Kaya was also signing in monthly. He was detained on Thursday in the police precinct he visited to give his monthly signature, and was arrested in the court he was taken to on Friday at 22:00. Kaya will face a judge again on November 20.


This arrest came before Erdogan’s visit to Paris for the anniversary of the end of World War I.

The arrest also coincides with the ban against the protests in Strasbourg against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish people’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.