Participants of the long march in Germany arrive in Böblingen

Young activists concluded the 3rd day of the Long March launched in Heilbronn, Germany for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

On the 3rd day of the Long March, Kurdish activists marched 19 km to Böblingen where they organized a rally.

They offered condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the earthquakes in Kurdish cities, urging the people living in Europe to provide humanitarian aid.

A statement by the activists said: “The fascist Turkish state is committing war crimes in Kurdistan and will use the funds collected for survivors for this war. We need to show solidarity with our people affected by the earthquakes. We will not leave our country and our people at the mercy of the fascist Turkish state.”

The young activists then organized a commemoration event in the Böblingen Democratic Kurdish Community Centre (DKTM) in memory of Sara Dorşîn (Sarah Handelmann), a YJA-Star guerrilla who was martyred on April 7, 2019, following a Turkish attack on Medya Defence Zones.

Speaking on behalf of the Youth Movement, Çekdar Serhed underlined that Kurdish youth will follow in the footsteps of martyrs and secure the physical freedom of Öcalan. Serhed said: “The youth will always protect Öcalan.”

The commemoration event continued with a documentary about the martyrs of the Kurdistan Revolution.


The young activists marched from Heilbroon to Böblingen, covering a total of 57 km in the last three days.

On the 4th day (today) of the Long March, the activists will gather at Eskater Park in Reutlingen at 09:00 and walk 5 km through the city centre. They will hold a rally in Holzmart at around 17.00 and march to the house where martyr Sara Dorşîn stayed while she was in Germany.

On the 5th day, the activists will walk from the city centre of Offenburg to the city centre of Lahr and meet at a seminar in Lahr.

On the 6th day, the activists will gather in the city centre of Freiburg at 09:00 and march through the busiest streets. In the evening, they will attend the "Young Woman" seminar at Freiburg DKTM.

On the 7th day, the activists will meet the internationalist activists marching from Switzerland to Strasbourg for a Europe-wide mass rally.