People of Hajin call on the SDF to save them from ISIS

People in ISIS-occupied areas of Syria rely on the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces to gain their freedom back.

Residents of the Hajin town by the Euphrates River in Deir ez-Zor territory, which remains under ISIS occupation, have sent a letter to the General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), calling on them to save them from ISIS.

The letter reads as follows;

“As residents of the Hajin town, we need nobody to rule over us. We can govern ourselves. Some residents of the town have been deceived and joined the ISIS gangs.

The ISIS gangs that suffered a defeat in Raqqa have increased their pressures against the people of Hajin. The town has been filled with foreign mercenaries and these started immoral attacks on the people and their sacred sites.

We call on the SDF to urgently start an operation to liberate Hajin from ISIS gangs. We, too, are ready to take part in the liberation campaign. Those claiming the residents of Hajin to be ISIS members are telling a lie. We are ready to fight the mercenaries.”