People of Manbij rallied to say no to Turkish occupation

Thousands rallied in Manbij and pledged to defend the city

Speaking at a rally attended by thousands of citizens, Manbij Military Council deputy General Commander, told the crowd that they would never allow the invading Turkish army and its mercenary allies to enter the city.

Thousands of citizens from Manbij and the surrounding villages joined a rally organised to reaffirm that “Manbij Democratic Autonomy Administration is the Representative of the People." 

Thousands of citizens from Tebqa and Raqqa also joined the march and rally. The march started at El-Beta Boulevard in the south of Manbij and went on to the city square.

Speaking at a rally in the city square, Manbij Military Council deputy General Commander, Abraham Al-Benawi, said that the lands they lived in would turn into shields and would never allow a Turkish state operation in the city.  Al-Benawi also underlined that anyone who threatened Manbij security and peace should wait an answer.

Speaking on behalf of the tribes of Manbij, Ibrahim Shelas said: “We condemn the operation Turkey is carrying out on Syrian soil. We won’t allow - he said - Turkey to occupy not even a little bit of land. We will support the Manbij Military Council until the last drop of blood, like all our people.”

Speaking on behalf of the Deir-Ezor Regional Administration, Xelef al-Esed said: “The people of Deir-Ezor is ready to fight against those who target the people of the region.” 
al-Esed, called on the people to unite and defend their land and added: “We will fight against all threats to the security of the region.”

Hamid el-Ferec, who spoke on behalf of Tebqa Democratic Civilian Administration, said: “We came from Seyhif al-Ah and Buhter to stand up against the invaders. We will not allow Erdogan nor anyone to break our will. We will resist.”

Speaking on behalf of the tribes of Raqqa, Shêx Emîr El-Xabûr also condemned the Turkish occupation plans over Manbij and the North os Syria. 

Speaking on behalf of the Manbij Women's Council, Hena Sharif repeated that the people will not allow Turkey to enter the region.

Following the speeches, the rally ended among slogans and chants supporting the the resistance of Manbij fighters.