People taken into custody in Ankara appear in Court

Seven people taken into custody in the past few days appeared in Ankara Courthouse. Among them is Mezopotamya Agency journalist Hakan Yalçın.

Seven people who were detained in political genocide operations carried out in Ankara on 27 November. They were taken to court after giving statements to the police.

Seven people, including Mezopotamya Agency (MA) journalist Hakan Yalçın, are expected to be sent to the on-duty judge after the prosecutor's statements are taken at the Ankara Courthouse in Sıhhiye.

The names of those brought to the courthouse are as follows: Mezopotamya Agency (MA) journalist Hakan Yalçın, HDP former PM member Erol Çiftçi, METU student and Peoples' Democratic Congress member Tunahan Gözlügöl, HDP Youth Assembly members Nevroz Gülen, Mesut Çiftçi, Ezgi Orak, and 73-year-old Mahmut Altan.