Police beat HDP family first and then say 'wrong address'

Police raided the house of former HDP Esenyurt District co-chair Edip Karçik. They harassed and beat the family and then left saying "wrong address".

The police raided the house of former HDP co-chair of Esenyurt, Edip Karçik. After beating Karçik, his nephew and his bedridden brother who has cancer and then left the scene by saying 'wrong address'.

Karçik, who was injured in his hands, face and feet was taken to Esenyurt State Hospital. His nephew and brother were taken to Kanuni Sultan Süleyman State Hospital.

Speaking to ANF, Karçik said that the police were deliberately raiding his house using the "wrong address" statement as an excuse. "We will follow this issue, and I will complain about them. As they said they decided to raid the house on a false tip, which gave no address. They came to our house and beat us. It is a policy of oppression. This is the product of this ruling class and the current mindset. I will file a complaint about the police."

HDP Istanbul Press Commission condemned the police attack and violence in a harsh manner. In a written statement, the HDP said: "The most natural right of Karçık, who said he will not allow the police entering the house without a search warrant, was met with a violent response. The police, who entered the house by force, battered Karçık and his family, forced them on the ground at gunpoint."

The HDP statement added: "We ask the Minister of the Interior, Süleyman Soylu, who is responsible for the life safety of each individual in this country: Isn't it the legal right of every citizen not to allow the police into their house without a search permit? It is not difficult to guess what would be done at a "right" address if this is the violence carried out at a "wrong" address."

The HPD will make a press release about the issue at the party's building in Esenyurt at 4 pm today.