Police confiscate keys of all offices of Diyadin Municipality

After taking the HDP co-mayor of Diyadin Municipality into custody, police searched the municipality building for hours and confiscated all offices keys from the staff.

The police, who had forbidden the access to Diyadin Municipality to HDP members, gathered the keys of all the rooms in the building from the municipality staff, while District Governor Hasan Doğan came to the city hall.

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Diyadin Municipality co-mayor Betül Yaşar was taken into custody after the police raided her house. The police then went to the city council and entered the building after blocking all way in. They searched the building for about 5 hours and confiscated many official documents, then collected the door keys of all the rooms in the building.

While blockade of armoured vehicles and police officers in front of the municipality continued on Monday night, it was stated that Diyadin District Governor Hasan Doğan had arrived to the building.