Political prisoners in Buca jail call on people outside to increase actions for Öcalan

Political prisoners in Buca Kırıklar Prison said: "We see all kinds of actions and activities as legitimate until Abdullah Öcalan is liberated."

The alternating hunger strike action started by political prisoners on 27 November to demand the physical freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan continues. Political prisoners in Buca Kırıklar Closed Prison No. 2 sent a message through their lawyers.

Call to enlarge actions

The prisoners' message is as follows: "First of all, we, the free prisoners, salute all patriots, peace seekers, democrats and human rights defenders with our free hearts. As 32 political prisoners in Buca Kırıklar Prison No. 2, we join the 'Freedom for Mr. Öcalan, solution to the Kurdish question' campaign with great enthusiasm and morale. We continue our hunger strike with great determination. Friends and enemies know that Mr. Öcalan is above everything for us. The guarantee of peace, freedom and democracy in Turkey and the Middle East is Mr. Öcalan. Everyone knows very well that Mr. Öcalan is the interlocutor in the solution of the Kurdish question.

We are ready to take any action for Mr. Öcalan's freedom. As of now, two of our friends are continuing their hunger strike actions alternately a week. We say to the state authorities and our partners around the world that we see all kinds of actions and activities as legitimate until Mr. Öcalan is liberated. And we are ready to make any sacrifice. We know that the hearts of our families and people are with us and they wholeheartedly support our action. Still, we call out to our people once again: increase your support for us and bring Mr. Öcalan and the freedom of Kurdistan closer with actions and events."