President’s office admits “KCK cases” were a setup

The website of the President’s office admitted that the “KCK cases” were a “FETO setup”.

A 42-page report was published on the anniversary of July 15 on the website of the Turkish President’s office, titled “July 15 coup attempt and pro-Fettullah terrorist organization in 10 questions”. The report said, “FETO aimed to sabotage the solution to the Kurdish issue and take over the MIT where they didn’t have influence.”

The report called the Oda TV case journalists Ahmet Sik and Nedim Sener were imprisoned for “an attempt to silence the opposition”, and the murder of Agos newspaper editor in chief Hrant Dink “leading the elimination process in the army”.


The Ergenekon, Balyoz, KCK, Selam-Tevhid, Tahsiye and military espionage cases were listed as “setup cases” in the report: “It has come to light that they used faked evidence and fictitious courts to eliminate their rivals,” the report said.

The KCK trials continue still, even as they are cited among the “setup cases”.