Program of the Long March-Youth Branch starts on 8 February

The Long March will take place to mark the anniversary of the international conspiracy against Abdullah Öcalan, in February. One of the branches of the traditional annual action will be organised with the slogan 'Don't allow isolation, free Önder Apo'.

On 15 February, the Kurdish youth will be protesting the 21st anniversary of the International Conspiracy which led to the capture in Kenya of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and will demand his freedom.

The program of the Long March section organized by the youth with the slogan 'Don't allow isolation, free Önder Apo' has been announced.

During the march, young people will be told about the ideas and ideology of Öcalan, and cultural and artistic activities will be organized in the evening when marchers rest. Young people will stay with Kurdistan families living in the region where the march will end.

Young people from all over Europe will meet on February 7 in Frankfurt to join the Long March (Meşa Dirêj) branch dedicated to young people.

This is the daily program:

Day 1: February 8 | Frankfurt - Neu Isenburg

Day 2: February 9 | Neu Isenburg - Darmstadt

Day 3: February 10 | Darmstadt to Bensheim

Day 4: February 11 | Bensheim - Mannheim

Day 5: February 12 | Mannheim - Homburg

Day 6: February 13 | Homburg - Saarbrücken

Day 7: February 14 | Festival