Prosecutor asked up to 15 years in jail for co-mayor of Kocaköy

Prosecutor demanded up to 15 years in prison for co-mayor of Kocaköy Municipality, Rojda Nazlıer.

Rojda Nazlıer, co-mayor of Kocaköy, in Amed, was taken into custody on 20 October in Amed.

The indictment prepared for Nazlıer carries a demand of a sentence from 7 years, 6 months to 15 years in prison.

The indictment adopted by the Diyarbakır 11th High Criminal Court is based on statements given by secret witnesses.

Ercan Tuci, code-named Zerdeşt, and Emrah Budak, code-named Canfeda Agiri, who benefited from the Repentance Act, had given statement to Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on 8 October 2019, 13 days before Nazlıer was taken into custody.

It was learned that a secret witness testified against the co-mayor when he was referred to the court with a request for arrest.

The indictment contest to co-mayor Nazlıer her participation in the Newroz celebration, a ceremony for Zülküf Gezen who gave his life during the hunger strike resistance and a program organised by the HDP in front of the provincial building on the day in which election results were counted. All this activities are considered crimes. 

Prosecutor asked 7 to 15 years prison sentence for Rojda Nazlıer. The first hearing of her trial will be held on 27 January 2020.