Reception for freedom for Ocalan in London City Hall

In a reception held in the London City Hall, activists demanded an end to the isolation and freedom for Ocalan, as well as saluting the hunger strikes.

As hunger strikes and protests in support continue in Kurdistan and throughout the world against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan, the demand for freedom was at the forefront in the reception held as part of the Freedom for Ocalan Campaign in London.

The campaign that continues to grow among labor circles in the United Kingdom is officially conducted by the unions UNITE, GMB, FBU, ASLEF, TSSA, RMT, USDAW, PROSPECT, GFTU, PCS, EIS, TUC, THOMPSONS SOLICITORS, CWU and NEU.

The opening speech in the reception hosted by London Assembly Member Unmesh Desai in the main building of the London City Hall was given by London Assembly Chair Jennette Arnold.

Stephen Smellie from Unison, Simon Dubbins from Unite the Union, Stephen Cavalier from Thomson Solicitors, Ali Gul Ozbek from Justice for Kurdistan and a representative for the GMB union also spoke in the reception as well as London Assembly members Desai and Arnold.


Freedom for Ocalan Campaign Co-president Simon Dubbins spoke and stressed that the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan must end and his freedom must be ensured. Dubbins also called for increased solidarity with the hunger strikes.

Dubbins said: “Mr. Ocalan has been in the Imrali Prison for 20 years. As conditions in Turkey continue to worsen every day, and as attacks and threats against Rojava continue, it is vitally important for us to double our solidarity efforts in these rough times.”