Revenge Unit claims responsibility for actions in Farqin

Martyr Sakine Cansiz Revenge Unit carried out action on 25 and 26 June in Amed's Farqin district.

Şehit Sakine Cansiz Revenge Unit published the details of the actions it carried out in Farqin.

The statement said: "On 25 June, the new district office building next to the police security building in the Farqin (Silvan) district of Amed was targeted with handmade explosives and molotov. It could not be established if there were any injured as a result of the action but the building was damaged. Our units left the area without suffering any loss.”

The statement continued: On 26 June, in the center of Farqin, behind the city hall, a passenger vehicle belonging to the occupying Turkish soldier was burned by our Unit and material damage occurred.

This action was held in memory of Mazlum Jiyanda, who died on 1 October."