#RiseUp4Rojava calls to block Turkish Airlines

No Flights to Turkey” - #RiseUp4Rojava calls to block Turkish Airlines

Since 9 October the Turkish army attacks towns and villages in Rojava / Northern Syria with heavy weapons and air strikes. To stop this war, the international campaign riseup4rojava calls to sanction Turkey for its war of aggression and damage the Turkish economy, since the international powers will not stop it. There for the call says: “No Flights to Turkey”!

Between 21 and 26 October, with blockades of counters of Turkish Airlines, Pegasus and SunExpress in international airports, the people will take action by them self, to stop the war.

This mobilization follows on from the blockades of Turkish Airlines at Barcelona, Copenhagen, Berlin, London and Basel that have shown, that it’s possible to cancel flights of this companies, if activists not just protest in the airports, but block the counters.

In these times of the fascist war against the revolution in Rojava, it’s important to take to the streets and demonstrate, but at the same time, a global resistance as to develop that disrupt, block and occupy companies and financial institutions which support Turkish fascism militarily or financially.

Turkish Airline and the tourism industry are an important economical aspect of the Turkish state. If counters all around the world are block, it will put pressure on the Turkish regime, damage the tourism industry and makes visible, that people all around the world are staying in solidarity with the revolution in Rojava.