Rojava Committees project videos on the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm

The Rojava Committees projected videos on the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm.

The Rojava Committees carried out an action in solidarity with the Kurdish people and against the attacks by the Turkish state on Kurdistan.

The activists projected videos on the Turkish Embassy in Stockholm. In a statement, the activists wrote: "The Rojava Committees send our greetings to our dear friends – the revolutionary people of Kurdistan. We stand in
solidarity with your righteous struggle for freedom and democracy. We mourn the innocent lives that
were lost on 20 November 2022 due to Turkish aggression." 

The activists recalled how on "6 November 2022, the Swedish Minster for Foreign Affairs, Tobias Billström, gave a statement
 claiming that Turkey is a democracy. The statement, which is manifestly untrue, is nothing but a
desperate attempt by the Swedish government to secure its accession into NATO by pleasing the
dictatorship of Turkey. In response to the statement given by the Swedish government and the
continuous Turkish aggression, the Rojava Committees recently projected several images on the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Sweden, to shed a light on the current state of democracy in Turkey."

The activists said: "The word ‘democracy’ can never be used to describe a state which commits crimes such as these. The democratic people of Sweden and Turkey will not be fooled by the lies of the Swedish Minster for Foreign Affairs. We will continue to reveal the crimes of the fascist Turkish state, and we urge the democratic public to act against the deceitful statements of the Swedish government."