Rome will march for Öcalan on Saturday

A march against the 15 February International Conspiracy against Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan will be held in Rome, the capital of Italy.

People in Rome traveled around the city on Wednesday with mobile billboards announcing the march.

A meeting was also held with civil society organizations in the capital to ensure maximum participation on Saturday.

The march will start in Repubblica Square at 2 pm.

The march is promoted by UIKI (Kurdistan Information Office in Italy), Kurdish community of Italy, Kurdish socio-Cultural Center Ararat, Rete Kurdistan Italy.

Organisers said in the call to the march: “It is now necessary more than ever, for peace in the Middle East, to make our voice heard against the neo-Ottoman fascism of Turkish president Erdogan. Ending the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan means giving a perspective of peace and democracy to all those territories scarred by decades of war, destruction and millions of refugees.”