Six dead as Iraq protests resume

Demonstrations continue in Iraq. At least 6 people died on Monday. Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone.

Anti-government demonstrations in Iraq, which have been going on since 1 October, have once again increased after the time allowed by protesters for the government to meet their demands passed.

At the beginning of the week, simultaneous demonstrations took place in more than ten cities.

Demonstrators closed the city roads and bridges with intercity bridges and intercity roads, especially in the capital, Baghdad, Zikkar, Najaf, Karbala, Mussenna, Basra, Vasıt and many other cities. In the same regions, security forces intervened against the protesters with tear gas bombs and real weapons.

As a result of the intervention of Iraqi security forces and police in anti-government demonstrations in many cities of Iraq on Monday, 4 demonstrators and 2 police officers died and more than 100 demonstrators and members of the security forces were injured.

Schools and public institutions were closed in cities where demonstrations continued. The demonstrations continued throughout the night.

Rockets on the Green Zone

Meanwhile on Tuesday morning three rockets have fallen inside Baghdad’s Green Zone, close to the US embassy.

Alarms were sounding in the US embassy complex and speakers were telling those inside to take shelter.