SKB called on all women to join Workers' Day demos

The SKB has released a written statement to mark Workers’ Day. “The women's strike - said the statement - is spreading across Latin America, Europe and the world.” 

The European Socialist Women's Association (SKB) called on all women to join the demonstrations to be held on 1 May, Workers’ Day throughout Europe. 

The statement said: “Workers’ Day represents the day of unity of struggles and solidarity. With the power of its historical heritage, this day invites workers and laborers, women and youth to take the streets to increase solidarity and struggle.”

The statement added: “Workers’ Day is the day of rebellion in which workers, laborers, oppressed peoples, women and young people all over the world raise their demands against capitalism, which is based on exploitation, oppression and bullying. On this day we increased our unity and struggle. This is also the day underlining the history of resistance of working men and working women.”

Women today are at the forefront of the struggle against the exploitation, sexism, all forms of oppression, said the statement adding: “Women stands for their identity, their right to live and against the isolation that is trying to be imposed on them by male-dominated capitalist barbarians!”

The statement recalled and underlined the struggles going on in Europe, beginning with that of the Yellow Vests. 

“Women are at the forefront of the Yellow Vests uprising against the neoliberal capitalist program of the French government”, said the statement.

The women's strike is spreading worldwide, underlined the statement “growing from Latin America and Europe. In Spain, 100 thousand women took to the streets. Despite prohibitions and repression, thousands of women resist the attacks carried out by fascism in Kurdistan and Turkey.” 

In the struggle against the ongoing isolation against Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, said the statement “DTK co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Güven, the socialist and communist women in prisons are leading with an indefinite hunger strike the resistance.”

The Socialist Women's Union “called on all women to embrace the demands of the activists on hunger strike against fascism on 1 May. Let’s make Leyla and the hunger strikers live.”

What is the SKB

Socialist Women’s Union (SKB) was founded on 25th September 2010 by politically exiled and immigrant women from Turkey and Kurdistan who now reside in countries across Europe.

The SKB currently organise in eight European Countries, representing women’s perseverance and strength. It is autonomous in its organisation and practice; its primary aim is to support working and migrant women in the countries where it works, as well as across Turkey and Kurdistan.

The SKB represents women’s enlightenment, it aims to work towards the liberation of women within the social, political and cultural life of women and support women in realising their power and creativity, whilst examining and questioning the suppression and role of women in society.

The SKB supports the democratic women’s movement aims to unite women from all walks of life and to address the most pressing issues facing women currently, the SKB considers itself as a component of this struggle.

The SKB is part of the international struggle and stands in solidarity with those organising against imperialism and the terror it inflicts upon global communities with war, occupation, destruction and racist policies.