Söderhamn Municipality condemns seizure of HDP municipalities

Söderhamn Municipality condemned AKP government’s seizure of HDP-run municipalities. Councilor Maria Hansson called Turkey’s Erdoğan “the worst terrorist in the world”.

The Municipality of Söderhamn in Gävleborg County, in east central Sweden, unanimously condemned Turkey’s fascist AKP-MHP fascist alliance seizing the HDP-run municipalities. The municipality urged the government of Turkey to respect the will of people and called for the release of all imprisoned co-mayors and councilors.

The declaration by all the political parties, which was also conveyed to Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan and Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, said; “Turkey has turned into a dictatorship where thousands of politicians, journalists, lawyers, advocates of human and women’s rights are undemocratically held behind bars. Erdoğan has increased the pressure on the Kurds especially after the elections of Istanbul.”

Councilor Maria Hansson from Christian Democrats, who spoke to ANF on the matter, pointed out the repression imposed on the Kurds by Turkey and other states in the region. She noted that the Turkish state seized the will of the Kurdish people manifested at the local elections.

Hansson also criticised the Turkish state’s war of invasion against Rojava and added; “Turkey has nothing to do there. Turkey violates the international law and conventions, murdering Kurdish children and civilians. Erdoğan is the worst terrorist in the world, even worse than Hitler.”