South Kurdistan youth start ‘human shield’ action in Qandil

Youth from South Kurdistan went to Qandil and started ‘human shield’ action against Turkish invasion.

A group of youth from Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah, Sharazur, Panciwan, Ranya, Hewler, Germiyan and other cities of South Kurdistan went to Qandil yesterday against the Turkish state’s invasion of South Kurdistan.

Led by the Patriotic Youth’s Movement and Young Women’s Movement, the young people made a statement to the press at Sulaymaniyah’s Nalî Park and staged a demonstration in Senseger town of Ranya on their way to Qandil on Friday.

Arriving in Qandil afterwards, the youth staged a march from Komtane village to Silê village, chanting slogans of resistance with support from Qandil residents.

Following the march, one minute’s silence was observed for the martyrs of Kurdistan freedom struggle. Speaking here, Komalên Ciwan member Botan Germiyanî saluted the protest of the youth.

Protesting against Turkey’s invasion attacks, the youth started ‘human shield’ action in Qandil.