Summary of proceedings against HDP deputy Güzel reaches Parliament Presidency

The summary of proceedings prepared against HDP deputy Semra Güzel, who was the target of a smear campaign carried by pro-government media, was sent to the Parliament Presidency.

The Turkish judiciary was mobilized after the pro-government media orchestrated a smear campaign against HDP deputy Semra Güzel by publishing a photo of the MP with HPG guerrilla Volkan Bora taken in 2014.

The summary of proceedings prepared against Semra Güzel and sent from the Ministry of Justice to the Presidency yesterday, Tuesday, was sent to the Presidency of the Assembly today.

The report accusing the deputy of "membership in a terrorist organization" will be sent to the Constitution and Justice Commission.

It is expected that the report will be discussed by the commission first. It will then be sent to the General Assembly. If the lifting of immunity is accepted there, the road to trial will be opened.