Swedish MP visited hunger strikers in Stockholm

Kurdish people living in Sweden are on solidarity hunger strike with HDP Hakkari deputy, Leyla Güven.

Swedish Left Party MP Amineh Kakabaveh expressed her support for the hunger strike launched by Kurds living in Sweden to demand the end of the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The hunger strike follows the fast initiated a month ago by HDP Hakkari deputy, Leyla Güven.

Kakabaveh visited the Swedish Democratic Kurdish Community Center in Stockholm where the hunger strike is carried on and commended the hunger strikers on their struggle.

She also expressed her belief that the hunger strike would result in success.

Kakabaveh reminded activists of the situation in Sweden, still without government after the elections in September. She assured Kurds that as soon as the new government was established the hunger strike undertaken by the prisoners in Turkish jails and HDP Hakkari deputy, Leyla Güven as well as the regime isolation imposed on Öcalan would be brought to the Parliament agenda.

After Kakabaveh’s speech, activists chanted slogans like “Bijî Serok Apo, Be Serok jiyan nabê, Status for Kurdish people, freedom for Öcalan, Jin jiyan azadi”.

Kurds from all four parts of Kurdistan are taking part in the hunger strike in the Stockholm Democratic Kurdish Community Center.

Speaking to ANF, Tarja Siljan from South Kurdistan said: “We haven't heard from Öcalan for 3 years. We know nothing about his health. For this reason, Kurds from all 4 parts of Kurdistan are on hunger strike. Öcalan's philosophy and ideology shows how to solve the Kurdish problem. As long as Öcalan is kept under isolation, the Kurdish problem will not be solved.”

Siljan emphasized that the biggest problem of the Kurdish people was to ensure the national unity of the Kurds.

“The important thing is our unity. We need to get together and come to a consensus. Our enemies don't want us to get together. We are the largest people in the world without a state. If those who work with the enemy put an end to it and join us, we can achieve our demands.”

Siljan, who reacted to the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government while the Turkish state bombed South Kurdistan, said: “The Kurdistan Regional Government is not siding with the parties of the opposition. Turkey wants to destroy everything that belongs to Kurds. They are attacking the PKK, but they are killing the civilian population. During the summer months, I saw the Turkish state bombing in Zakho. There was no PKK there. They bombed the civilians.”