The protests continue in Iran and Rojhilat

The popular protests against the regime continue in Iran and Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan). Protestors usually take it to the streets at night because of the strong oppression by the Iranian government.

The actions against the Iranian regime continue in more than 50 cities in Iran and in Rojhilat. The protestors demonstrate at night with the slogans, "Death to the dictator", "We want a referendum".

Human rights organizations report that 3,700 people were arrested during the protests. The real number of those arrested is likely to be even higher.

The protests have therefore shifted to clandestine action in the cities. Especially in Tehran, Meshed, Kum, Kerec and the cities of Rojhilat, people demonstrate at night and paint slogans on the walls.

The hunger strike in Evin Prison, as part of the protests, continues.