Thousand cards sent to Öcalan from Marseille

A thousand cards were sent to the Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Öcalan. The initiative was organized by the Arin Mirkan Women's Assembly in Marseille.

A thousand cards were sent to Imralı from Marseille within the scope of the "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, solution to the Kurdish question" initiative.

Many Kurdish citizens attended the event promoted by Arin Mirkan Women's Council.

Aysel Bulanık, on behalf of the Assembly, summarized the purpose of the action as follows: “Our Leader has been under severe isolation for a long time. We have not received any news from him for 3 years. This is why the Kurdish people launched an action throughout Europe to demand the physical freedom of our Leader. We will send a thousand cards to our Leader. People expressed their feelings on the cards. From now on, we will continue to fight day and night for the freedom of the Leader. Our leadership waged a great struggle for the recognition of Kurds and Kurdistan. Our duty is to support our Leader. We invite all our people to mobilize to ensure the success of the initiative.”