Three peshmergas killed in ISIS attack on Kakai Kurds in Dakuk

As result of attacks by ISIS gangs on the Kakai villages in Kirkuk’s Dakuk district, 3 peshmergas lost their lives and 8 others were wounded.

ISIS launched attacks against Kakai Kurds in Kirkuk's Dakuk district Friday evening.

ISIS gangs attacked the units of Kakai Kurds near the village of Ebû Mihemed from two different sides, and took over two hills that were under the control of Kakaî Kurdish units linked to the peshmerga. After heated clashes broke out, the Kakai civilians took up arms and headed to the battlefield.

In the clashes that continued until midnight, 3 peshmergas lost their lives and 8 others were wounded, who were then taken to hospitals in Dakuk. 2 ISIS members were reportedly killed during the fighting.

Villages of Kakai Kurds were subject to attacks of ISIS gangs on July 26, which left 4 locals dead of whom 3 were from the same family, and 3 others were abducted.