Torture and arrests in many cities

The Turkish police continue to take brutal action against the Kurdish people. Dozens of people were arrested in early morning raids, and a ninety-year-old girl was mistreated in İdil by masked police officers.

The day began with house searches and arrests in several cities in Turkey.


A particularly brutal police operation took place in İdil district of Şırnak. One of the houses stormed by masked police units was that of Nurettin Şen, the nephew of deposed co-mayor Murat Şen (HDP). Police did not only put a gun to Şen’s head and battered him but also mistreated his ninety-year-old mother whose arms they crushed under a chest. Another relative of Şen had his head hit against the wall and suffered a laceration.

After the raid, Nurettin Şen was taken into custody for unknown reasons and taken to the district police department.

At the same time Mehmet Fidan was arrested during a house search in the district.


16 people were arrested during house raids carried out by Turkish soldiers in Siverek, Viranşehir and Hilvan districts of Urfa province. 12 people were taken into custody in Siverek, 3 in Viranşehir and 1 in Hilvan. The detainees have been taken to the district gendarmerie command.


In the Hilal neighborhood of Batman, several apartments were stormed and four people were arrested for unknown reasons. Hasan Balicak, Sait Kortun, Abdullah İltaş and Abdulvahap Tüzün are being held in the provincial police headquarters.


In Adana, the police stormed ten apartments and arrested eight people. A search is underway for two more people. The police action was triggered by articles in the social media. The apartments were meticulously searched, the police confiscated digital devices.

Hundreds arrested in two days

In Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, hundreds of opposition members have been arrested in recent days when the police took action against activists, members of the executive board, administrators and ordinary members of the HDP as well as journalists and university students in Diyarbakir, Dersim, Mardin, Van, Muş, Ağrı, Ankara, Istanbul, Mersin, Kocaeli and Istanbul, among others. At least 99 members of the HDP have been arrested on Thursday and Friday alone.