Trento to demonstrate for Rojava on Wednesday

Demonstration for Rojava and against Turkish aggression to be held in Trento, Italy, on Wednesday.

The Kurds and Rojava are not alone, this is the message that Italian activists in Trento intend to launch with the march to be held on Wednesday. 

On 16 October hundreds took part in the demo launched by Bruno Social Center "against the infamous military operation of the Turkish government".

At the sit-in there were many different realities, from trade unions to associations, parties and left groups. 

The appeal for the demo on Wednesday is promoted jointly by Bruno Social Center, Bozen Solidale, Ya Basta Êdî Bese Association, Anpi (Partisan Association) Trentino, Cgil Trentino, Trentino Forum for peace and human rights, Transfemminist Queer Trento Collective, Rovereto Senza Dominio Association.

"This time the demonstration will pass through the main streets of the historic center of Trento to reiterate the opposition to this war - said the protesters - to stand alongside the Kurdish population and the peoples of Northern Syria, and to affirm that the genocidal plan of Erdogan must be stopped immediately."

On Wednesday the opening banner will be that of the Kurdish community of Trentino-Alto Adige.