Tribute to YPG martyr Lorenzo Orsetti in Florence

In Florence, a commemoration ceremony for the YPG martyr Lorenzo Orsetti has taken place.

Italian internationalist Lorenzo Orsetti (Tekoşer Piling) fell on March 18 as a YPG fighter in the offensive on the last ISIS enclave al-Bagouz in eastern Syria. His body reached Rome two weeks ago and his hometown, Florence, on 15 June.

Orsetti’s coffin was laid out in front of the chapel in the Abbazia di Miniato al Monte Cemetery in Florence. The memorial service was attended by about a thousand people.

In speeches reminiscences with Lorenzo Orsetti were told, poems and letters were read. After about one and a half hours of commemoration, the coffin was taken to the grave site.

Speaking here, Lorenzo’s father Alessandro Orsetti, wearing a red-yellow-green cloth around his neck, said the following; "Lorenzo introduced us to the Kurds and Kurdistan. By now I understand better how right he was. I will continue to support the just struggle of the Kurds. Where fascism reigns, resistance shall be mounted."