Trump calls for the repatriation and trial of ISIS fighters

Trump said the ISIS Caliphate is ready to fall.

There are some 2.700 ISIS members captured in YPG special units’ operations in northern Syria in Rojava’s prisons. The number rises as the operations continue. Over 800 of the arrestees stand out as citizens of 46 countries, including many Western countries. The Rojava administration has been calling for France, the US, Germany and other countries to take on the task of putting these foreign ISIS members on trial.

To date, only Indonesia, Russia, Morocco and the Sudan have officially requested extradition from the Rojava administration for their citizens captured alive by the YPG.

According to a recent report, some 130 ISIS members under Kurdish control in camps will be transported to France to face trial.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner issued a statement on the matter and said, “All of those who will be brought to France will be handed over to the judiciary. If the courts decide they need to be imprisoned, that is what will happen. Some have been brought back before and have been arrested, we know them. The newcomers will also be under arrest.”

US President Donald Trump made a call on his Twitter account on Sunday, which said the following;