Turkey prohibits reading and sharing the MIT article

The ANF article “MIT administrators speak” and other articles related to the MIT administrators have been banned from access or sharing in Turkey.

Turkey has reached its next peak in restricting press freedom, arresting journalists, shutting down newspapers, banning websites and pressuring newspapers that write about rights violations.

In addition to banning social media accounts, they are now filtering articles one by one and deciding which news articles can and can’t be shared on social media.

The ANF has been subjected to attacks since the day the MIT administrators’ statements were published. Agencies, news portals, websites and social media accounts who share the articles we publish are also in the crosshairs of the Turkish state.

Ankara Criminal Court of Peace No.3 accepted the appeal submitted by Turkish authorities and issued a verdict that social media accounts can be banned from access from Turkey. In accounts that can’t be banned, the articles are being filtered. The public is thus prevented from accessing first-hand, correct information.

As a result of the appeal to the Ankara Criminal Court of Peace No.3, the ANF article “MIT administrators speak” and articles published in August 2017 about the confessions of MIT administrators captured in the Sakine Cansız Revenge Operation are banned from access.

There are Youtube, Twitter and Instagram accounts and accounts for news agencies among the banned social media accounts.