Turkish attacks against Rojava protested in Basel and Biel

The occupation attacks carried out by the occupying Turkish state in North East Syria and the massacres against the civilian population have been protested in the Swiss cities of Basel and Biel.

Activists in Basel and Biel protested the Turkish attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria.


Kurds and their friends gathered in Claraplatz to join the rally promoted by the Basel Rojava Committee.

Activists demanded the end of arm sales to Turkey and condemned the attacks carried out by Turkey and targeting civilians.

After reading information about the attacks against Rojava in German, activists marched to Dreirosenbrücke.


Reya Haq, linked to the Democratic Alevi Federation (FEDA), and CDK-Biel promoted a rally in Biel which was attended by a large crowd. 

Candles were lit to commemorate the civilians who lost their lives as a result of the attacks of the Turkish state in Rojava.

Speakers at the rally reminded that the Turkish state is indiscriminately attacking civilians and used chemical weapons.