Turkish invasion of Rojava protested in Heilbronn and Montpellier

Protests against Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria continue worldwide.

In the German city of Heilbronn, Kurdish and German youth staged street theater in protest at the Turkish state’s invasion and massacres in Rojava and northern Syria.

The theater play at Kiliansplatz which depicted the Turkish invasion and crimes drew great attention from the people.

In Montpellier city of France, Kurds and their friends held a demonstration against the invasion of Rojava by the Turkish army and allied mercenary groups.

Organised by the Democratic Kurdish Community Center (DTKM) and Delal Amed Women’s Commune, the protest march continued from Peyrou Pitot Park to the Comedie Square. Activists distributed leaflets on Turkey’s invasion attacks and threats.

French people also joined the march where demonstrators chanted “Murderer Erdoğan”, “Terrorist Turkey”, “Rojava is not alone” and “Everywhere is Rojava, everywhere is resistance”.