Turkish invasion of Rojava protested in three Swiss cities

Demonstrations against the Turkish state’s invasion, massacres and ongoing attacks in Rojava continue around the world.

Turkish genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria, which is marked by grave crimes, was protested in three cities of Switzerland.


A demonstration was held at the Kapelplatz Square in Luzern city of Switzerland to denounce Turkey’s invasion attacks against Rojava. Demonstrators called for public awareness and action to stop the Turkish state’s massacres against civilian population. Calling for solidarity with the people of Rojava resisting Turkish invasion, demonstrators handed out leaflets detailing the genocial campaign of Turkey.


Bern Rojava Committee organised a demonstration in solidarity with the peoples of Rojava who are resisting Turkish invasion. Speakers from the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Switzerland (YJK-S) and Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê Switzerland told about the ecological and women libertarian system built in Rojava, stressing that the attacks of the Turkish state were meant to destroy this system. The speakers called for increased solidarity with the Kurdish people.


Switzerland Climate Strike Platform and Swiss Feminist Women’s Collective protested Turkey’s war against Rojava and vowed that solidarity with the Kurdish people will continue.