Turkish police detain 102 people in four cities

The Turkish police detained at least 102 people, including a journalist, during house raids against Kurds in Amed, Van, Adana and Mersin cities in the morning hours.

The police raids were carried out as part of an investigation launched by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.

A total of 104 people have been detained on charges of “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization" and “acting on behalf of a terrorist organization”.

In Amed, 59 people, including JinNews reporter Beritan Canözer, have been detained. The number of detentions is expected to increase.

In house raids in Van, 15 people have been detained on the grounds of their posts on the social media. Police officers are reported to have arbitrarily turned the houses upside down.

During the police raids on 29 different houses in Adana, the doors of houses were violently broken, and household goods were damaged. 26 people have been detained following the raids. Agit Bahadır, who resides in the Belediyeevleri neighbourhood of the Ceyhan district, said that police officers put a gun to his 12-year-old sister’s head during the raid on his house.

“The police entered my house without a search warrant. They dispersed our household goods. They held a gun to my 12-year-old sister’s head, who was sick. The girl cried constantly. I’ll press charges against the cops,” she said.

In Mersin, 4 people have been detained on charges of “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization” in their posts on the social media.