Two gang members involved in Afrin’s invasion killed in Idlib

The Wrath of Olives Operation Room announced that 2 gang members who took part in the invasion of Afrin were killed south of Idlib.

Wrath of Olives Operation Room issued a written statement and announced the outcome of an action carried out by their fighters against mercenaries acting under the command of the Turkish army south of Idlib.

The statement said the following;

“In an effective action against Faylaq al-Sham gangs on 12 July, our forces destroyed a vehicle of the mercenaries and killed two gang members in it. The gang members killed in this action, named Yasir El-Elî and Temam Xalid Seîd, were looting houses and insulting people in Afrin.

We will be present everywhere the occupant Turkish army and their gangs commit atrocities and repression against our peoples, especially in Jarablus, Azaz, al-Bab, Idlib and Afrin. We our promise to hold anyone who took part in the invasion of Afrin, who insulted our people and stole their property to account. Be patient, Afrin. Vengeance is near.”

The Wrath of Olives Operation Room also released the following footage from the action;